Owing to the fact that Iran has a suitable climate and a variety of climate conditions in the north, south,
east and west of the country, plus the existence of four separate seasons and greenhouses around the
country, it has the potential to grow plants and flowers in every seasons of the year. In addition, Iran’s
strategic situation in the Middle East region and the accessibility to target world markets (neighboring
countries) has turned the export of plants and flowers to on of the main non-oil exports. This study has
firstly focused on the existing defects and the proceeds to explore different ways to overcome those
defects. Finally, a solution is proposed to achieve more effective interaction between urban unions and
the national union on one hand, and the packaging and shipping section of the Trade Promotion
Organization of Iran (TPO), plus the national aviation on the other hand.
Keywords: Cut flowers, Transportation, Packaging, Strategic position, Non-oil exports, Target markets