Studying the Relationship between Leadership Brand Code and Organizational Commitment in IT Companies

Mohammad Mahmoudi Meymand1, Maryam Hajishams2

The aim of this paper is to study the relationship between leadership brand code and organizational
commitment. As a competitive advantage, leadership brand creates a kind of sprit and belief among the
staff and managers in the company, and enables them to serve their market promises. In this study, we
will examine the leadership brand in a descriptive/correlative approach, using structural equations
modeling based on covariance; moreover, we will compare two IT companies using simple random
sampling method among 223 staff and 233 customers of the studied companies. Finally, a proper model
will be presented for such a relationship. To gather the required data, we have used archival/ library and
field methods (questionnaire). Findings show that all leadership brand codes and each of their dimensions
have a positive significant relationship with organizational commitment in these two companies.